The main idea of h10n is broken translation can’t break application. This means that any exception, occurred during translation is swallowed by Translator. Translator use standard logging package to log debug info. So, let’s run following code:

from logging import basicConfig, DEBUG
from h10n import Translator


locales = {
    'en-US': {
        'test': {
            'error': {
                'msg': '...',
                'filter': 'raise Exception("Raised from filter")',
    'en-GB': {
        'test': {},
    'ru-RU': {},
t = Translator(locales=locales, default='en-US', fallback={'ru-RU': 'en-GB'})

t.locale = 'ru-RU'
assert(t.translate('test:error', 'Error') == 'Error')

An output will be:

DEBUG:h10n.translator:Translate ru-RU:test:error
ERROR:h10n.translator:Translation error ru-RU:test:error
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: ('test', <ExceptionContext: [<Locale: ru-RU>]>)
DEBUG:h10n.translator:Fallback to en-GB
ERROR:h10n.translator:Translation error en-GB:test:error
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: ('error', <ExceptionContext: [<Locale: en-GB>, <Catalog: test>]>)
DEBUG:h10n.translator:Fallback to en-US
ERROR:h10n.translator:Translation error en-US:test:error
Traceback (most recent call last):
Exception: ('Raised from filter', <ExceptionContext: [<Message: error>]>)

First of all, assertion passed. So, our program is not broken, Translator used fallback message (second parameter passed to h10n.translator.Translator.translate() method).

In the log you can see three debug messages and three error ones with exception tracebacks. The most interesting thing is a second argument of exception. It is an instance of h10n.util.ExceptionContext, which stores “breadcrumbs” to the problem.

First exception raised from ru-RU locale, because it doesn’t contain test catalog. Second one raised from en-GB:test catalog, because it doesn’t contain error message. Third one raised from filter of message en-US:test:error.

Take a notice to fallback order. After fail in ru-RU locale Translator used en-GB one, because it specified in fallback parameter of Translator constructor explicitly. After fail in en-GB locale Translator used en-US one, because it is default locale. And finally, Translator used fallback message passed to h10n.translator.Translator.translate() method.

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