Translation catalog or domain is a logical group of messages of the particular locale. Usually, represented by particular file. In the h10n, catalog objects are used to store messages and filter-level helpers.
Is a Python callable object, which transforms input parameters before formatting message.
Helper is a Python callable object, which provides utility functional, such as performing pluralization, formatting dates, etc. Helpers are stored in helper namespace.
helper factory
Helper factory is a Python callable object, which returns helper for particular locale.
helper namespace
Helper namespace is an object, which stores particular helpers under specified aliases. Is used in the translator for application level helpers and in the catalogs for filter level ones.
Locale is an object which stores messages and application-level helpers. Locale is uniquely identified by its name – the string in format xx-YY, where xx is language identifier and YY is country one. Note, locale name is case-sensitive. Is represented by h10n.core.Locale class.
Message is a translation string object. Messages are instanced from class h10n.core.Message and stored in the catalogs.
Prototype is a message object, which is used by other ones to inherit from it.
Translator is an object to manage locales and perform message translation. Is represented by h10n.translator.Translator class.

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